Are you finding the expectations of your marriage different to the reality you are now living? Maybe you begun your journey well, with great intentions, but the busyness and distractions of life crowded in. Somehow, somewhere, you began to lose some, or all of the connection you once had with both yourself, each other and with God.

At Colours for Couples we invite you to come away for a while, creating space for you to pause, space to breathe, space to share, space to heal, space to forgive and space to grow.

Will and Debbie can't wait to share with you what is on their own hearts, inviting you into a marriage of deeper connection where your hearts, minds and souls can mingle together. This is not only our desire, but it's also the deepest and greatest desire of our Abba Father, who designed this beautiful union for man and woman.


We will be exploring the power of your words, the power of your connection, the power of your presence and the power of your self.

So if you’ve been together one year or fifty, or even find yourself in the planning stages to be married, this day is for you. It is for the marriages that are flourishing and the ones that are floundering. So can we encourage you to  come on an adventure with us? An adventure for your relationship to get caught up in. Why not make a weekend of it, and book into one of the many hotels or B+Bs in the beautiful city of Edinburgh


Some reflections from our last day for couples




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