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Jesus loved to spend time in the home of Mary and Martha. A home where love and hospitality was at the heart of it.....a home that welcomed, a home that served, a home that worshiped, a home that listened, a home with a heart. We too are seeking larger homes of this type to host our swatches. 

Swatches can be anything from a morning to a full retreat day, facilitated and led by Debbie and some of her team. The day would provide space to breathe, pressing the pause button, and getting away from the distractions and busyness of life, reviving the heart, soul and mind. We would  require our hosts to provide refreshments appropriate to the timescale of our swatches, which could include lunch or evening meal. 


When Jesus sent his disciples out in twos, he put great emphasis on them being welcomed and listened to. "if they were not listened to or welcomed they were to shake the dust from their feet" (Mathew 10:14). If you are able to welcome us, and listen to our vision, connecting to the heart of it, then we would love to hear from you, and explore together, how we can bring colours into your home. Please get in touch at the following email address.