I will lead her into the wilderness

and speak tenderly to her.

Hosea 2:14

As we welcome in June, it has well and truly arrived along with a few rain clouds to water our thirsty plants and our dry land. This is a month that would normally be filled with preparations, celebrations, anticipations and graduations, and one of those very special celebrations would have been the ten year anniversary of Colours for Women. A day where we would gather together, not only in celebration but also in anticipation of hearing the voice of our Abba father speak tenderly into our hearts, giving us revelation and an invitation, where the outside noise would dim, and our internal voices would be silenced.


When we put our plans into place for this year, I could and would never have determined how God would guide my steps in 2020.


As in Hosea, I have experienced God luring (wooing) me into the wilderness during lockdown. A place that I would not have chosen to go, probably more likely resisted. A place that is lonely and isolating, but a place where God has finally got my attention. A place where he has increased and I have decreased. A place where he has become greater and I have become less. A place where I am realigning, recalibrating, restructuring, and reordering my internal and external world.


It is in the wilderness that we hear the tender voice of our Abba father. It is in the Wilderness that we listen to his sweet words of comfort. It is in the Wilderness that he draws us closer to him. It is in the Wilderness we can settle for a while and stop struggling. It is in the Wilderness we can lean our weary heads against his chest, and rest. It is in the Wilderness that we ‘want’ and he ‘gives’. It is in the wilderness that he speaks to our hearts, our precious hearts. It is in the wilderness that he can tenderly restore our hearts, and bring healing to our broken places.


It is in the Wilderness that we bury the past and learn to live in the newness of life. It is in the wilderness that Your Abba father will give you back what he has taken away. It is in the Wilderness that he opens up a door of hope. It is in the wilderness that new songs are written, new visions are birthed, new dreams are given, where joy and love are restored.


“I am now going to allure her; I will lead her into the wilderness and speak tenderly to her. There I will give her back her vineyards, and will make the Valley of Achor a door of hope.” Hosea 2:14


Have I convinced you to join me in the Wilderness experience? This past week I have been reminded of what Jesus gave up for me. It brought me to my knees weeping as I saw the ‘stuff’ I hoarded and clung on to that stopped me giving up everything for him. Oh how I long to live in reckless abandonment to him.


I have prayed, and God has answered. I am sending you a new invitation for this Saturday, 20th June 2020. I am Inviting you, that includes me and my team, into the wilderness, a place of silence and solitude. A place where distractions lessen, and the voices are silenced. This may be a room in your house, your garden or if you can find somewhere nearby that you can access quite easily, where it’s likely you won’t get disturbed. I am inviting you to silence social media, the news, the internet, and any distractions that can lure your mind away from hearing your Abba fathers tender voice. You need to be deliberate in creating this space, it doesn’t come easily. For some it may be an hour and others may have many hours this Saturday. Whatever time you can give, this is your moment of setting time aside to be in the wilderness with your Abba father. Take your bible, a pen and note paper. Some colouring pens if you feel led to be creative. You may even want to pack a wee picnic, and a rug.


Be expectant... as you become silent, God will speak. ‘a time to keep silent and a time to speak’ Ecclesiastes 3:7 Saturday is an invitation to the silence.


We are all in this together seeking after the heart of our Abba father ♥️ He is the same God of our yesterday’s, our today’s and our tomorrows. He can be fully trusted in your wilderness experience.


When you arrive at your ‘wilderness’, ask God to slow you down, and help you settle into his rhythm and pace. Pause for a moment and tune into his heartbeat. Music can really help to settle our minds, heart and soul. I can highly recommend you Listen to Fiona Crow, a song, which is so beautifully written and sung ‘your presence’. It can be accessed on YouTube ( and Spotify,


Invite him to speak tenderly into your heart. You can use the following as a guide or just spend time ‘being still’, inviting him to speak tenderly to you.


Invite God to show you ‘your broken places’. 

Invite God to show you your ‘hurting places’.

Invite God  to show you your ‘independent places’

Invite God to show you your ‘bitter places’.

Invite him to show you His resting place.  

(Continue as the Lord leads you)


Spend some moments confessing and repenting. Forgive those who have influenced you negatively or caused you pain in any way, including yourself. Take authority over any territory in your heart where Satan has crept in. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. John 10:10.


Invite God to show you what he wants you to give up/give to him? (This may be your behaviours, habitual sins, attitudes, unhealthy relationships, ministry/work positions, material possessions etc)

Give yourself space to grieve these losses. Your pain needs to be felt and loss needs to befriend grief. ‘Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted’ Mathew 5:4


Invite God to show you what he wants to restore.

Invite God to show you what he wants to give you back. 

Invite God to show you what he wants to redeem. 


Ask God to remind you of his promises to you.

Be fully present as you listen to his tender voice speaking gently to you 💓


Write a letter from God to you, his precious daughter 💓 Invite him to speak and write down what he says. Invite him to show you where he was in your broken places. Invite him to speak words of life over you. Invite him to share with you ‘his plans for you, his hopes for you, his future for you’.


Breathe in his goodness.


I can recommend listening to Fiona Crow, a song, again so beautifully written and sung ‘Masterpiece’. Available on Spotify and YouTube (


You can go all the way with this, or just take the first steps. This may be the beginning of your journey into the wilderness and God knows the pace and rhythm that is best for you! He knows better than you know yourself.


This is an invitation to you. You are free to accept or decline. Please also feel free to share this email with anyone you sense would also love to step into the Wilderness experience. 


Wherever you choose to settle on Saturday, may God's blessings reign down from heaven and flow into your heart, mind and soul, clearing the clutter in your heart to make space for him to settle in 2020.


Much love 💓

Debbie x